2018 in Review: The Story Of A Global Ocean Community

Source: The TerraMar Project

Photo: Brian Yurasits


2018 was an important year for our global ocean community. And we wanted to share some of the best moments with you!

We created a global hub for Ocean Action, launched our #NoMoreButts campaign to end cigarette butt littering, and participated in a worldwide March For The Ocean – just to name a few.

Below we’ve highlighted some stories that share our message of hope and action.

In 2018 TerraMar created a Global Ocean Action hub. Search for citizen science projects, volunteer work, petitions, and beach cleanups in your local community! It’s easier than ever before to get involved in ocean conservation!

Solutions to plastic pollution need to reach more than just hyper-aware upper/middle classes. Solutions need to include everyone.

Observations From Bali – Why We Are Pretending To Stop The Plastic Crisis

#NoMoreButts – Empowering Individuals, Businesses, and Non-Profits To Recycle Plastic Cigarette Waste.

no more butts

Photo: Brian Yurasits

Opt Outside – We All Need A Little Dose Of Inspiration To Remind Us Why The Ocean Is Worth Protecting!

Stay tuned for more ‘How I Sea’ interviews from our global ocean community in 2019. To conserve the oceans, it’s crucial to understand everyone’s side of the story.

We look forward to more incredible work in 2019 with equally incredible people. Stay updated with our #NoMoreButts campaign expansion, and our continued work in Barbados to help the island eliminate single-use plastics. And as always, continue to get involved in your local community – because the best way to lead is by example. 

Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year, from the TerraMar team and all the ocean life that we support.