A Big Sticking Point At The G-7 Summit: We Need Unity In The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Source: The Washington Post/Philip Bump

Photo: Brian Yurasits/The TerraMar Project


There was a quiet detail in a report on this weekend’s disastrous Group of 7 summit in Canada that didn’t receive much notice. It’s known that there was a variety of issues on which President Trump and the U.S. delegation disagreed with its allies in drafting a statement meant as a capstone to the brief meeting, but the Toronto Star lifted up something unexpected: plastics.

From its report:

“The Americans didn’t want to agree to a declaration on climate change that referenced the Paris accord, nor did they want to sign on an oceans charter, which contained targets on plastics, with similar language. … No one expected Trump would sign on the climate change piece, but they’d hoped the U.S. would agree to take joint action to tackle plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.”

“In the end, it didn’t.”

This is an interesting thing on which to dig in one’s heels.

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Photo: Brian Yurasits/The TerraMar Project