Aquaculture Is The Future Of Farming – Continues Expansion As Fastest Growing Food Sector

Source: Seifert/UC Santa Barbara

Photo: Hanson Lu/Unsplash


Many of the world’s future farmers will likely be farming oceans, as aquaculture—the cultivation of fish and other aquatic species—continues its expansion as the fastest growing food sector. New research shows that in order for this next generation of farmers to thrive, there is an urgent need to prepare them for climate change.

Researchers from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at UC Santa Barbara have published the first comprehensive analysis of how  could affect marine aquaculture production, specifically of finfish and bivalves (e.g., oysters), around the world. Published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, their study, “Global change in marine aquaculture production potential under  change,” reveals that climate change is not only a threat to global production in the future, but also is affecting producers today.

“Climate change is impacting marine aquatic farmers now, and it’s likely to get worse for most of the world if we don’t take mitigating measures,” said lead author Halley Froehlich, a postdoctoral researcher at NCEAS.

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Photo: Hanson Lu/Unsplash

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