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What Led To Megalodon’s Extinction? Scientists Believe The Answer Lies In Great White Sharks

Source: National Geographic/Maya Wei-Haas

Photo: Elias Levy/Wikimedia Commons

The beaches were deserted near Santa Cruz, California, on December 23, 2007. Temperatures were cool for Cali standards, and the wind whipped unpleasantly across the sandy expanse. But that didn’t stop paleontologist Robert Boessenecker from avidly trolling...

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Corals Faced With Heat And Disease Are Given A Second Chance Thanks To Probiotics

Source: Hakai Magazine/Mara Johnson-Groh 

Photo: Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández/Unsplash

Corals, like humans, coexist with a host of microbes that help keep them healthy. As climate change continues to heat the ocean, however, coral reefs risk losing their temperature-sensitive microbial defenders, leaving them stressed and more...