Children In Coastal Indonesia Given Free Goggles To Help Them ‘See’ Precious Reef That Needs Saving

Source: The Guardian/Kate Lamb

Photo: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons 


Indonesia’s maritime affairs minister has come up with an unconventional way to help preserve precious reefs from marine pollution: distribute boatloads of free goggles to children in the archipelago’s remote coastal regions.

An avid snorkeler who is known for blowing up illegal fishing boats, minister Susi Pudijastuti said she wanted to give the next generation of Indonesians “the eyes” to fully appreciate their marine environment.

During visits to Indonesia’s remote eastern areas, home to the “Coral Triangle” and some of the most diverse marine life in the world, the minister said she noticed Indonesian children watching tourists snorkelling for hours, not fully understanding what they were doing.

“I just realised in one moment: how can we ask them, how can we push them to take care of the beauty of the underwater world if they don’t even see how beautiful it is,” she said, “I realised, what we see, they don’t see.”

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Photo: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons

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