Company Is Making A Killing Off Dead Fish – Turning Unused Fish Guts Into Cosmetics

Source: CBC News

Photo: August Linnman/Wikimedia Commons


A company on the Northern Peninsula is extracting cosmetic ingredients from parts of fish that are usually thrown away.

3F Waste Reduction — the 3F stands for fisheries, farming and forestry — harvests fish waste such as skins and fat to create marine collagen and oils, Ben Wiper, CEO of 3F Waste Reduction, told CBC News.

The company also manufactures glycerine and tallow from moose and sheep bones, and uses sheep’s wool to make lanolin. The ingredients are largely cosmetic, and right now the company is aiming for retail and tourist markets, Wiper said.

“I’m really only touching on the most basic stuff,” he said.

“For the most part, with any of these ingredients that we’re manufacturing, the more you refine them the higher the value gets, but the more upfront investment is required in terms of equipment and the scientific knowledge that’s required.”

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Photo: August Linnman/Wikimedia Commons

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