Florida Wants To Halt Plastic Straw Bans With New Bill Under Consideration

Source: The Guardian/Dream McClinton

Photo: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash


In the growing war against the environmental impact of plastic, Florida seems to be taking a giant step backwards by pushing legislation that would stop local authorities from banning plastic straws, a move that has, not surprisingly, angered many environmentalists.

The bill, under consideration by lawmakers, would place a five-year suspension on municipalities’ banning of plastic straws, pending a study from the Florida department of environmental protection.

Calling the banning of plastic straws “government overreach”, the Florida state senator Travis Hutson also amended the bill to create a $25,000 fine for local governments that regulate the material and another ban on municipal regulation of sunscreens that harm coral reefs, the Miami Herald reported.

The move goes against previous efforts by the state to mitigate the damage caused by straws. The state department of environmental protection encourages Florida residents to “skip the straw” and reduce their plastic use. In a statement to the Guardian, the agency declared: “Plastic straws are one of the many single-use plastics that litter beaches, pollute oceans, and harm wildlife.”

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Photo: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

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