Over 200 Chefs Want Travelers To Choose Sustainable Seafood This World Oceans Day

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Photo: Hoan Vo/Unsplash


The news is out: if people don’t drastically change their relationship with the natural world, the human species could face extinction in as little as thirty years. If that seems dramatic, it’s because it is. In the scheme of the universe, three decades is no time at all, so the time to start making changes is now.

That’s why this year on June 8th for World Oceans Day, over 200 chefs from Relais & Châteaux — a collection of gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels — are participating in an initiative showing a unified message of the importance of sustainable travel across the globe. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the United Nations dedicating a day to celebrating marine life and biodiversity, and though this important initiative is evergreen, World Oceans Day gives a timely call-to-action to encourage travelers to change their seafood consumption habits to help preserve our oceans.

With the largest collection of Michelin starred chefs in the world, chefs that are part of this collection have a lot of influence, which they are using to raise awareness for sustainable fishing and the pivotal role it plays in how we consume seafood.

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Photo: Hoan Vo/Unsplash

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