#TrashTag – The Conscientious Trash Pickup Challenge That’s Sweeping The World

Source: Forbes/Christopher Rim

Photo: Tobias Tullius/Unsplash


Forget eating Tide Pods or jumping out of a moving car to dance to Drake—the latest viral ‘challenge’ on social media is a lot more wholesome, and a lot better for the world. Over the weekend, the #trashtag challenge went trending, encouraging young people to compete to fill as many trash bags as possible with litter. From hikers to beachgoers to people taking to the streets, internet users across the world shared before and after photos of areas they’d cleaned up, or proud selfies holding the stinky, bagged fruits of their labors. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, which ended up raising over $100 million for ALS research, the #trashtag challenge is a refreshingly wholesome example of viral internet trends. One of the best parts of this challenge, in my opinion, is that it’s not just highlighting people who set out to participate once the hashtag was trending. In fact, many of the popular #trashtag posts highlight people like this hikerthis beach team, and this poster’s fiancé who have been unwittingly participating in the challenge for years, without thinking they’d go viral—and those people are demonstrating a key personality trait that’s vital to success.

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Photo: Tobias Tullius/Unsplash

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