World Surf League Announces Plan To Become Carbon Neutral And Eliminate Plastics

Source: The Inertia/Dylan Heyden

Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash


The World Surf League will institute sweeping changes to its Championship Tour and Big Wave Tour in an effort to eliminate single-use plastics at its events and become carbon neutral by the end of the year, the League explained in a Tuesday press release. The decision was inspired by prevailing trends surrounding the “climate crisis” and the global plastic pollution epidemic.

“The WSL is incredibly proud to break new ground in sports in the urgent battle against climate change and ocean pollution,” said WSL CEO Sophie Goldschmidt in a statement. “We believe it’s our responsibility to be ‘all in’ with our efforts to protect the ocean and beaches amid the devastating climate crisis we all face. We invite everyone who cares about the ocean to join us.”

In the League’s announcement, it cites a number of statistics about the effects of climate change as contributing factors to minimizing its carbon footprint. Namely, the WSL explains, the ocean has absorbed over 90 percent of excess heat and 30 percent of the carbon in the atmosphere. The result is rising sea levels, a higher frequency of, and more intense storms, and ocean acidification.

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Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

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