The Artivism Challenge: Art to Inspire Change

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The Artivism Challenge: Art to Inspire Change
Artwork by Tan Xi

Nothing is more challenging than convincing someone to change the way they think. 

You can spit out as many facts as you want, but nothing will happen. They still won’t believe you.

People need to see something to believe it. They need to connect with it and feel it with all of their senses. Without that connection the mind can never be opened.

And when it comes to saving the world’s natural environments, if we don’t open our mind’s soon to the treachery that awaits it will be all but too late before people ‘see’ the problem face to face.

Art: A Universal Language

Art has this ability to help people ‘see’ a problem, and wrap their mind around it in their own way.

Art doesn’t spit out facts and tell you you’re wrong. It simply let’s the mind run free and come up with its own interpretations.

Nowhere is there a greater need for the wonderful power of art than in the fight to save our world’s oceans.


Photo: Sepp Friedhuber


Thankfully, Oceanic Global has teamed up with Alpha’a to challenge artists around the world to use their art to evoke change and leave a positive mark on this world.

We need to find unique and inspiring ways to shed light on what’s at stake for 70 percent of our planet, the ocean. So let your art empower action and encourage a global audience to become part of the solution.

Here are the categories that the challenge will focus on:

Sea Level Rise – Global warming is causing rising sea levels, which will have devastating impacts on coastal areas and wildlife

Plastic Pollution – By 2050, our ocean is expected to have more plastic than fish

Overfishing – 70% of the world’s fish are fully exploited

Coral Bleaching – 75% of the world’s reefs will die by 2050

Dead Zones – There are 400 dead zones in our ocean

Marine Protected Areas – Only 3% of our ocean is currently protected

If you’re an artist, and you’re sick of sitting back while you read each week about the enormity of these problems, fear not because it’s time for you to change the way our world thinks.


Image: Oceanic Global/Alpha’a

How to Take Part

Choose which critical issue you would like your art piece to represent

    • All mediums of art are accepted and you will need submit a photo of your artwork for the challenge.

Submit your piece along with a brief description *500 words max by the 17th November 2017 via www.alphaainc.com/oceanic

    • If you are applying as part of a college or as an independent student, please specify in the comments section

Please fill out all required information via www.alphaainc.com/oceanic

A judging panel, curated by Oceanic Global and Alpha’a, will select two winners from each category to be will be unveiled during Art Basel Miami in 2017. The winning artwork will be produced as prints and be sold through Alpha’a e-commerce partners, with all profits benefiting the Oceanic Global Foundation.

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