Brazilian Navy League Honors Explorers Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor

Source: R12 Sub - October 28, 2016 in Adventure

Brazilian Navy League Honors Explorers Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor of Tiburon Subsea and Christine Dennison of Mad Dog Expeditions have been awarded the Brazilian Navy League Medal of Honor, “Grande Benemérito do Parimõnio Marítimo”, for their exploration, discovery and dedication to preserving the legacy of the lost WWII Submarine R-12 and her 42 entombed sailors. They were presented with the league’s highest honor at a private reception held at the Explorers Club in New York City on October 14th, 2016.

The explorers discovered the WWII United States Submarine R-12 and her crew of 42 entombed sailors in 600 feet of water in the Florida straits. Two of the entombed are Brazilian officers who are recognized as heroes in Brazil. The story of the two Brazilian officers serving on the submarine USS R-12, remains one of the mysteries that the team has been working to uncover.  The history, discovery and investigation is chronicled in the-yet-to-be released short documentary film “Expedition R-12 Discovering Americas Forgotten Submarine”.

The discovery and award reception were featured on Globo TV  News and Record TV News in Brazil.  Those attending the NYC reception included: the Grandson of one of the entombed officers who also serves as the current President of the International Navy League based in Madrid, Marcos Roberto de Paula Rosauro de Almeida,  Contra-Almirante Josã Roberto Bueno Junior (representing the Admiral of the Fleet and current commander of the Brazil Navy, his Excellence Admiral Bacellar Eduardo Leal Ferreir) and the Deputy Consul General Brazil Minister Lúcia Maria Maierá on behalf of the United Nations.

The NYC event was the first time the Brazilian Military and the families have seen the underwater grave site of their country’s lost heroes.

Tim and Christine have dedicated years of research, meeting with and interviewing families and have made multiple filming expeditions with their team to the USS R-12 grave site.

The USS R-12 discovery team was comprised of underwater and robotics professionals which included 4 Explorers Club Fellows- team leader Tim Taylor FN’04 , Christine Dennison FR’03, Walt Stearns FN ’05 and Kourosh Mahboubian FR’ 06.

Their work is ongoing and continued support is through non-profit Ocean Outreach to share their historic findings and accomplishments. Christine, Tim and team are currently developing inner city high school STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) outreach programs showing what a small dedicated group of explorers can accomplish using the latest technologies. The historical importance of this project acknowledges that we must honor and respect our past and those who served and fought for freedom.

For more information can be found on our websites www.R12sub.com or www.oceanoutreach.org or email at [email protected].

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