Clathrina clathrus

Yellow Clathrina

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Yellow Clathrina Yellow Clathrina



This sponge consists of a bundle of yellow anastomosing tubes. The tubes form discrete groups converging on single conspicuous oscules and are typically about 3mm in diameter. Clathrina coriacea is similar but consists of tubes of smaller diameter. It exists in a range of colour forms but probably not the distinctive yellow of Clathrina clathrus.

This yellow (occasionally white) sponge, up to 10 cm in diameter, usually appears cushion-shaped at a distance (its close relative Clathrina coriacea is normally flatter in appearance). Close-up the sponge can be seen to consist of a tangled mass of tubes (these tubes are thicker and less tightly knit than in C. coriacea and there is no osculum as found in that species). Like C. coriacea, the spicules are exclusively three-pointed triactines.

This is a shallow-water species found in the Mediterranean and on Atlantic coasts of Europe as far north as the British Isles.


Adriatic Sea, Azores Canaries Madeira, Azores Exclusive Economic Zone, Celtic Seas, European waters (ERMS scope), Mediterranean Sea, New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone, United Kingdom Exclusive Economic Zone, Western Mediterranean


Usually out of full light, beneath overhangs or in caves.




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