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Help protect Marine Species who have no voice

You can become an Ambassador to TerraMar by friending your favorite living marine species! Learn all about your species and connect with the ocean. By representing your favorite species, you can help give a voice to a broad range of species throughout the world who desperately need to be heard. Educate your friends and family through social media. Pick your favorite species and share it with the world.

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Thousands more species soon to be added for you to choose from!

EOL - Encyclopedia of Life!
Beluga Whale
Sevengill Shark
Bowhead Whale
Grey Seal
North Pacific right whale
Yellowfin Tuna
Fin Whale
Sei Whale
Common Seal
Zebra Shark
Leopard Shark
Bluespotted Stingray
Bishop Ray
Sargassum Fish
Harp Seal
Minke Whale
Blue Tang Surgeonfish
Emperor Angelfish
Frill Shark
African Penguin
Chinook Salmon / King Salmon
Gulf Of California Harbor Porpoise
Wolf Fish Catfish
Ocean Sunfish
Common Sun Star
Sea Krait
Moon Jelly
Caribbean Reef Shark

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