10 of the Wildest Encounters With Marine Life From This Year

Source: The OC Register/Laylan Connelly/Michele Cardon - November 22, 2017 in Adventure

10 of the Wildest Encounters With Marine Life From This Year
Photo: Jeremy Ricketts/Unsplash

The ocean is their playground — and fortunately for us, sea creatures put on amazing shows this year that were captured on camera for the world to see.

There were the animals readers flipped over, such as the dolphin soaring over waves in Newport Beach during a recent swell. Slimy sea slugs made a rebound, and had surfers stepping carefully between rocks at South County beaches to avoid squishing them.

How about that massive whale that swam near shore in Laguna Beach? A video that captured the creature as it lingered near unsuspecting swimmers went viral.

And who can forget those great white sharks that made headlines around the world as they hung out all summer along San Clemente and Long Beach beaches? While they spooked surfers and beachgoers, people were fascinated by them and tried to get glimpses from piers and beaches, even taking “shark tours” of Capo Beach to get an up-close look at the ocean predators.

Here are some of the top ocean wildlife moments off the Orange County coast in 2017:

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