Adventure Tourism Arrives to the Arctic Ocean’s Icy Waters

Source: CBC News/ - October 11, 2017 in Adventure

Adventure Tourism Arrives to the Arctic Ocean’s Icy Waters
Photo: Lewis Gordon Pugh/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

If only the weather had been better, cruise ship passengers on an expedition through the Northwest Passage might have had a chance to snorkel at the wreck of HMS Erebus in the icy waters of Nunavut.

Avid snorkellers did get in the water later in their journey, but the unprecedented recent opportunity to gaze down on the remains of the 19th-century British vessel lost during John Franklin’s expedition was thwarted by high winds.

With gusts hitting more than 90 km/h and swells of more than two metres, tour organizers thought it was just too risky to try to navigate in and out of a narrow channel to reach the Erebus site in Wilmot and Crampton Bay.

Passenger Marlis Butcher was disappointed, but took the change in itinerary in stride.

“We knew it was a possibility,” said Butcher, an experienced northern traveller from Burlington, Ont. “That’s the Arctic for you.”

Those planning trips like the one Butcher took in September are used to adjusting to rapidly changing Arctic conditions, and they’re likely to be doing more of that as adventure tourism seems poised for growth in the North.

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