Bombs Discriminate – Hurricanes Do Not!

Source: The TerraMar Project/Ocean Crest Alliance/Joseph Ierna Jr - October 4, 2017 in TMP

Bombs Discriminate – Hurricanes Do Not!
Photo: Mike Trenchard/Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

What is the difference between these two pictures — Can you tell? We generally have advance warning when both are coming and there is nothing we can do except prepare for the worst and pray for best!

The pictures on the left are caused by a Hurricane.

Natural disaster yes, but in recent times these massive storms are fueled by man’s addiction to fossil fuels, pollution and over use of our natural resources!

The pictures on the right are also caused by man and are more deliberate – destruction born of conflict.


Photos: Joseph Ierna Jr./Ocean Crest Alliance

Both pictures have many many things in common, but one big difference between the destruction of a hurricane versus the destruction of a bomb, is that hurricanes do not discriminate and are not selective.

They affect everything and everyone in their wake. Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, Italian or French, Catholic or Muslim, a military man or a fisherman, we all are feeling the effects of climate change and these Major storm systems that are now roaming our planet each year.

The recent hurricane Irma ravaged the Home of Billionaire Philanthropist Richard Branson. If it was not for the design of a cellar in his multimillion dollar teak built home, there could have been loss of life.

And again, when the Prime Minister of Dominica lost the roof of his house, even he had to rely on the powers of other to rescue he and his family from harm’s way of Category 5 Hurricane Maria.

In war and with the use of bombs , people, ideas, concepts, assets and land are being fought over. And selective destruction is the means.  But in the war-torn path of a hurricane there is no discrimination, no selection. Everyone and everything is fair game to destroy!

Joseph Ierna Jr. is the director of the non-profit organization Ocean Crest Alliance: Dedicated to Honor, Protect, and Restore the Health of the World’s Oceans and the Life of the Earth’s Systems through Conservation, Research, Education, Science, and Technology

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