Carnival Cruise Lines Dives Into Wearable Technology

Source: Digital Trends/John Gaudiosi - January 11, 2017 in Science/Tech

Carnival Cruise Lines Dives Into Wearable Technology
Photo: Carlo Mirante/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

When Carnival’s newest ship, the Vista, launched last year, it was not only company’s largest cruise ships in the world (accommodating 4,000 passengers), but it boasted amenities that included a golf course, IMAX theater, sporting facility, brewery, water park, and multiple restaurants – features commonly associated with land-based resorts. But that’s what modern cruise ships are: floating resorts that offer more than what anyone could want. And that’s the problem that they’re hoping Internet of Things (IoT) tech will solve.

“The cruise model for years has been bigger and bigger ships, and more and more ships,” John Padgett, Carnival Corporation’s chief experience and innovation officer, told Digital Trends. “When you have more and more people, you have more complexity. The guests have a paradox of choice: There’s more than they can dream of doing. So, it’s not about getting more things to do, it’s getting the right things for you to do. But more importantly, for you to know what those things are.”

And it’s that challenge – elevating the guest experience by helping its customers find the right ship amenities that interest them – that Padgett and Michael Jungen, Carnival’s vice president for design and technology, set out to overcome with an “experiential IoT” platform that revolves around the Ocean Medallion, a quarter-sized wearable that’s designed to “maximize the guest experience,” Padgett said.

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