‘Fishpeople’: New Film Shows Connection Between Mankind and the Sea

Source: The OC Register/Erika I. Ritchie - April 20, 2017 in Adventure

‘Fishpeople’: New Film Shows Connection Between Mankind and the Sea
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Lifelong surfer Keith Malloy has lived as a waterman for decades. He can imagine no other way of life.

While, the ocean intimidates some, to Malloy and others, it represents  freedom and opportunity.

Malloy, 43, started surfing off Ventura at 3. He surfed for the US National team as an amateur and qualified for the world tour at 26. As a professional surfer he surfed exotic locations worldwide including spots in Tahiti, Fiji and Alaska.  He stopped competing professionally in 2001 and is now a surf ambassador for Patagonia.

“I think there is a story there,” Malloy said. “Whether they”re surfers or not, people can appreciate it and what it can do for you.”

On Friday, “Fishpeople” a documentary by Malloy, will debut in a screening at Hobie in Dana Point. The stop is the only one in Orange County and one of 13 nationwide.

Directed by Malloy, the documentary sponsored by Patagonia tells the stories of of six people who have dedicated their lives to the sea. In the film, Malloy poses a series of questions on the impacts the ocean has had on their lives.

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