Giving up the Rat Race for a Life at Sea: Ocean Adventurers

Source: CNN/Kellie Pollock - September 13, 2017 in Adventure

Giving up the Rat Race for a Life at Sea: Ocean Adventurers
Photo: Sander van der Wel/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We sold up and bought a boat to sail around the world. How idyllic does that sound?

It conjures up images of the wind in your hair, aquamarine seas, dolphins at the bow, and watching the sunset in a different piece of paradise every night.
I am guilty of posting photographic proof of these very scenes. But don’t be fooled as we were. These images are captured in a split second. The rest of the time, the picture isn’t always so pretty.
Three months into our sailing adventure, we’ve learned that smooth sailing is an oxymoron. So is “pleasure cruiser” which is what our yacht is termed in the boating world.
The reality of sailing hit us just a few hours into our maiden voyage when a huge abandoned rope wrapped itself around our propeller, bringing us to a dead halt in the middle of the English Channel.
There was no wind so we couldn’t sail back to the UK. We were essentially a floating bath tub. Cue the coastguard.
Our boat “Boomerang” had immediately lived up to her name. As we were towed back to Poole by the Swanage RNLI my husband Jonathan suggested we rename the boat “Stick.”

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