How Hurricane Irma Caused Coastal Waters Off Florida to ‘Disappear’

Source: Accuweather/Amanda Schmidt - September 12, 2017 in Adventure

How Hurricane Irma Caused Coastal Waters Off Florida to ‘Disappear’
Photo: NASA/Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

Videos continue to emerge on social media that show an unbelievable weather phenomenon that occurred while Hurricane Irma pounded the Florida coast.

Ocean and bay water along the coast seemed to disappear.

Twitter user @Kaydi_K was one of the first to a share a video that went viral on Saturday afternoon. The video showed that Long Island, Bahamas, beach was practically bare of water.

Beaches from the Bahamas to Tampa Bay experienced this eerie event as Irma rampaged through the Atlantic waters.

The disappearance of water was largely the result of Irma’s powerful winds offshore pushing water away from the coastline.

“The powerful winds out of the east, or northeast, ahead of the storm pushed the water out of the bay [Tampa Bay]. And then as the storm approached, the water surged back in,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio said.

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