New Netflix Film ‘Chasing Coral’ Depicts the Plight of World’s Coral Reefs

Source: Live Science/Mindy Weisberger - July 17, 2017 in Adventure, Featured

New Netflix Film ‘Chasing Coral’ Depicts the Plight of World’s Coral Reefs
Photo: Hulivili/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Around the world, coral reefs are feeling the heat — literally. Persistently rising ocean temperatures have triggered coral bleaching events on a scale never seen before, and a new documentary captures a grim view of reefs in trouble, and warns about what we could lose when they die.

A healthy coral reef is a magical place, teeming with diverse communities of colorful marine life. The enormous, stony structures of well-known reefs such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can extend for thousands of miles, and appear almost indestructible. But reefs today face a deadly threat from an invisible foe — excess carbon dioxide produced by human activity, which is warming Earth’s oceans at an alarming and unprecedented rate, leading to widespread coral bleaching and death.

“Chasing Coral,” which premieres today (July 14) on Netflix, offers a window into some of the worst bleaching events that corals have ever faced, all of which have occurred within the last few decades. The documentary features scientists at the forefront of ocean research, and describes the efforts that are already underway to protect vulnerable reefs.

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