For the Sake of the Environment, Global Diets Need to Change

Source: Phys.org/Institute of Physics - June 19, 2017 in Politics

For the Sake of the Environment, Global Diets Need to Change
Photo: John Wallace/NOAA/Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

Reducing meat consumption and using more efficient farming methods globally are essential to stave off irreversible damage to the environmental, a new study says.

The research, from the University of Minnesota, also found that future increases in agricultural sustainability are likely to be driven by dietary shifts and increases in efficiency, rather than changes between food production systems.

Researchers examined more than 740 production systems for more than 90 different types of food, to understand the links between diets, agricultural production practices and environmental degradation. Their results are published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Lead author Dr Michael Clark said: “If we want to reduce the environmental  of agriculture, but still provide a secure food supply for a growing global population, it is essential to understand how these things are linked.”

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