Sea Levels in the Philippines Rise at 5 Times the Global Average

Source: Ars Technica/Shalini Saxena - February 19, 2016 in Environment

Sea Levels in the Philippines Rise at 5 Times the Global Average
Photo: IFRC (p- PHL0210)/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

One major threat from climate change is the rising global sea level. At the coast, the rising seas will wipe out infrastructure and threaten wildlife. If ocean water moves deeper into landmasses, the salt will contaminate sources required for drinking water and agriculture.

A solid understanding of how quickly the sea level is rising, and the major contributing factors, is critical to developing practical plans to limit the problems and deal with the inevitable. Recently, a team of scientists has dived head-first into this challenge.

Effect of Rising Sea Levels

The main factors influencing rising sea level have been well documented. First, climate change has led to increased global temperatures. As its temperature rises, the sea water expands (a process called steric expansion). In addition, ice sheets and land glaciers all over the world are shrinking through evaporation and melting. All of these factors contribute to rising ocean levels.

But the sea level doesn’t rise uniformly across the ocean—variations exist in different regions, and certain areas are more at risk.

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