How I Sea: A New Global Ocean Survey By The TerraMar Project

Source: The TerraMar Project - April 5, 2017 in TMP

How I Sea: A New Global Ocean Survey By The TerraMar Project
Photo: Ellmax

How I Sea is a new effort by The TerraMar Project to dive into the minds of our global ocean community.

We are going to highlight opinions on conservation issues such as: marine pollution, overfishing, drilling, climate change, marine protected areas, scientific discoveries, and much more.

People around the world interact with the ocean in so many different ways. There are surfers, scuba divers, scientists, recreational and commercial fishermen, spear fishermen, kayakers, beach-goers, and seafood eaters. There are people who have never seen the ocean once in their life, and people who practically live at sea. Even though we all have a different perspective of the ocean, we all rely on and enjoy the ocean in one way or another, and we should all be responsible for protecting it.

The world’s oceans aren’t the same everywhere either. There are tropical oceans, with their incredible colors and diversity of marine life. And there are temperate oceans with their abundance of nutrients to support massive amounts of life. There are species that can be found in almost every corner of the world’s oceans, and species that can only be found one specific location.

And every area of the world’s ocean faces a different cocktail of threats from humans. Between overfishing, habitat loss, climate change, invasive species, and pollution, each expanse of ocean has its own unique battle against human-induced change.

How I Sea is the first effort to understand and highlight the different opinions of our global ocean community, and to learn how the general public really perceives the vast ocean.

To learn more about how to become involved in our global survey, visit us at: www.theterramarproject/thedailycatch and stay tuned for more information.

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