The Surf Fin that Protects Surfers and Sharks

Source: The TerraMar Project - June 16, 2017 in Featured, TMP

The Surf Fin that Protects Surfers and Sharks
Mike Coots Photo: Fin for a Fin

‘If my life’s taken, don’t take theirs.’ It’s a simple and powerful statement brought to life by a range of surfboard fins. Fins that aim to help protect both surfers and sharks.

The fins are a bold new product design from Melbourne based group FIN FOR A FIN. They believe that while the ocean is a surfer’s playground, it’s also a shark’s home, and sharks shouldn’t be killed in retaliation to an attack.

Fronted by ambassador Mike Coots, a Hawaiian surfer and shark attack survivor, FIN FOR A FIN aims to break the cycle of hysteria and reactionary culling common in the wake of a shark attack.

Photo: Fin for a Fin

In 1996 Mike was attacked by a Tiger Shark, and lost a leg as a result. This has not stopped him from being an avid surfer and shark advocate.

Says Mike Coots, “It’s their domain. We know the risks when we get in the water. Yet, when there’s an attack, we seek revenge.” One such example of this this happened recently after a shark attack on Reunion Island. The surfing community came up in arms, even calling for a cull on sharks to bring back tourism and protect surfers there.  

He continues, “If we kill sharks, we’re killing the oceans, we’re killing ourselves.”

Partnering with Australian brand Glide Fins, the custom fibreglass fins are more than just a quality product, they’re a powerful statement. The unique design signals to authorities, in the event of a tragic attack, that the surfer does not want the shark killed in retaliation.   

Profits from the fins will go toward protecting both sharks and surfers, by funding shark alert network, Dorsal, and shark education and research charity, Tag For Life .

The intent is to fund innovative initiatives that work towards the coexistence of both species. And end the eye-for-an-eye mentality that sees the protection of humans at the cost of shark’s lives, through drum lines, nets and mass culling. 

Fin for a Fin

Photo: Fin for a Fin

FIN FOR A FIN also marks the creation of a global community registry allowing surfers who purchase a fin to record their wishes. This registry gives them a voice in the unfortunate event they can no longer speak for themselves, informing both the next of kin and authorities. 

FIN FOR A FIN has launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. To show your support visit finforafin.com and order your fins or merchandise on Indiegogo.

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