How Surfers Can Reduce Their Plastic Footprint: Wooden Surfboards

Source: The Telegraph/Madeleine Howell - January 9, 2018 in Adventure

How Surfers Can Reduce Their Plastic Footprint: Wooden Surfboards
Photo:Abigail Lynn/Unsplash

Surfer and craftsman James Otter contemplates the timber in his workshop, where we are shaving gently curved wooden surfboards by hand with block planes and jack planes.

‘People are drawn to wood. We have a connection to it. I think it goes pretty deep; I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t enjoy woodlands, and being around trees. Whenever you put anything wooden in front of people, they want to touch it.”

“I’ve never even put up a shelf before,” I announce proudly, pleased with my progress.

“I can tell,” Otter jokes.

Oh. A little more practice needed, perhaps. But in any case, the notorious Cornish rain is pelting down outside, Buddy the resident labrador is keeping us company, and as someone with little (read: zero) woodworking nous, I’m finding this surprisingly therapeutic. I could get used to doing this sort of thing more often, I think, suddenly regretting all the mucking about I did in design technology at school.

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