Use Freediving to Learn About Your Body’s Potential

Source: Fusion/Hanli Prinsloo - January 6, 2017 in Adventure

Use Freediving to Learn About Your Body’s Potential
Photo: Scott Keddy/Lars Plougmann/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I’m a freediver. I dive deep into the ocean without scuba gear. The ocean is where I work and, for most intents and purposes, where I live.

On one breath I leave the surface and kick my way down to where the liquid turns black. The sun is only a memory. Water presses in on me from all sides squeezing me harder than I think I can survive. But it’s still only water. Kicking, I fall deeper and deeper. Down there, the ocean feels like my private ocean. I’m reminded: I am water.

Your body is around 70 percent water, same as our planet. And your body remembers a time of total submersion beyond what our terrestrial antics can explain. You have a deep-rooted, age-old mammalian diving response that kicks in as soon as you pop your face in the water.

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