Global Ocean TV – Episode 50 – Ocean CREST Alliance

December 4, 2015

Source: The TerraMar Project

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Hey Captain Joseph Ierna Jr here from Ocean CREST Alliance — Welcome to de islands!

Today, we are bringing you Global Ocean TV live from the deepest marine Blue Hole on our Planet — Deans Blue Hole, Long Island Bahamas.

With headquarters here on Long Island, our non-profit organization Ocean CREST Alliance has been making great progress with the community and the government with the design, development and establishment of a 215,000 acre Marine Protected Area, aptly named the Long Island Marine Management Area or LIMMA!

Most recently, the Bahamas Minister of Environment, the Honorable Minister Kenred Dorsett, announced 18 new MPA’s throughout the Bahamas archipelago, consisting of 3 expansions and 15 new MPA sites. By doing this the Bahamas Government is adding 11 million acres to the Bahamas commitments and goals of the Caribbean Challenge Initiative of 20% protection of their coastal and offshore waters by the year 2020.

OCA’s conservation efforts have reached our political leaders, national and international ocean leaders, the Long Island fishermen and the local community with economics-based solutions that move beyond traditional arguments for protecting biodiversity – it’s all about creating long term sustainable growth and economy for people and our planet – with the key word being sustainable!

And now here are today’s news stories:

The climate talks will begin in earnest today. Nearly 150 world leaders are expected attend the United Nations climate change summit, called with the aim of reaching a landmark global deal on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite the tensions between the the heightened security presence and climate activists, demonstrators were largely peaceful ahead of the crucial climate change session. In place of the big march, protesters lined up thousands of shoes representing climate change activists.

The new report went public in recent days after its release by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and is available only in Chinese.

It presents global warming as squeezing China from two fronts: the environmental hazards and the international response.

China is increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, especially from rising seas and shifting rainfall and snow patterns. And it also faces growing international pressure to cut its greenhouse-gas pollution, which is by far the most of any country, almost twice that of the second-place country, the United States.

In new documents submitted to the IWC, the IWC commissioner for Japan said his nation would begin a new whaling program in the Antarctic Ocean with plans to catch 333 minke whales per year beginning in early 2016. This is one-third the amount of animals caught annually in Japan’s previous whaling program in the area.

The ocean is Earth’s last unexplored frontier, with millions of unknown species lurking in its depths. Most of those animals, though mysterious, have recognizable features: eyes, teeth, fins. But one strange creature more closely resembles a giant, luminous condom adrift at sea. The glowing cylindrical structure floats in tropical waters and is built of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of tiny creatures. Together, the colony of animals forms the mystical glowing roll called a pyrosome.

After many setbacks, Victor Mooney arrive at the Brooklyn Navy Yard after beginning his journey in the Canary Islands in 2014. After crossing the Atlantic and making landfall in the Caribbean, Mooney has been making his way up the eastern seaboard to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and to encourage people to get tested. Mooney lost his brother to to AIDS in 1983.

Check out these stories out in The Daily Catch and thank you TerraMar for helping us spread the good word about the sustainable solutions Ocean CREST Alliance is working on for our Ocean.

Learn more about Ocean CREST Alliance: http://www.oceancrestalliance.org