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seagrass meadows

Like Secret Vaults, Seagrass Meadows Help Preserve Human History

Source: Hakai Magazine/Gemma Conroy

Photo: P.Lindgren/Wikimedia Commons

From storing carbon to guarding against ocean acidification, seagrass is fundamental to keeping ocean ecosystems in balance. But new research shows that seagrass meadows play another crucial, if overlooked, role: protecting shipwrecks and other underwater historical heritage. Ancient weapons,...

beach litter

Forget About Sharks – Why Litter Is The More Likely To Injure You At The Beach

Source: The Conversation/Marnie Campbell/Cameron McMains/Chad Hewitt/Mariana Campos

Photo: Vova Drozdey/Unsplash

Our beaches are our summer playgrounds, yet beach litter and marine debris injures one-fifth of beach users, particularly children and older people. Our research, published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, found more...