Tracking Devices Show Hungry Great Whites Are Intercepting Seals Off Nova Scotia

Source: CBC News/Paul Withers 

Photo: Elias Levy/Wikimedia Commons


Two great white sharks spent last summer off Nova Scotia searching for grey seals either around or migrating from Sable Island, according to new research from Canadian scientists trying to figure out where the endangered predator lives when in Canadian waters.

“The significance is, it led us to new hypotheses on why they are here,” said biologist Heather Bowlby, research lead for the Canadian Atlantic Shark Research Laboratory at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in the Halifax region.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has tagged two great white sharks with satellite tracking devices in an effort to identify “critical habitat” in Canada where the fish are listed as an endangered species at risk.

One great white shark was a female tagged off Cape Cod.

The other was a young male tagged last summer off Port Mouton on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

That male was the first great white tagged in Canada.

Behaviour indicates seal hunting

Both sharks displayed similar behaviour while on the Scotian Shelf last summer.

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Photo: Elias Levy/Wikimedia Commons

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