H.E. Stuart Beck Appointed First Ambassador on Oceans and Seas

Source: Press Release - August 20, 2013 in Featured

H.E. Stuart Beck Appointed First Ambassador on Oceans and Seas
Photo: Charly W. Karl/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Demonstrating its continued global leadership on oceans issues, Palau on Friday appointed H.E. Stuart Beck as its first Ambassador on Oceans and Seas.

With this appointment, Palau dedicates its most senior United Nations diplomat – with nearly a decade’s service as Palau’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative – to the oceans.

“People in small island states like Palau depend for their lives on the oceans around them and on healthy waters worldwide,” said the Ambassador of his new appointment. “They are spokespeople for oceans issues. I am honored to do my part to make their voices heard.”

Ambassador Beck has spearheaded United Nations initiatives to stop bottom trawling and shark finning, among others. Most recently, he led Palau’s delegation on the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group, lobbying to secure a prominent place for oceans in the post-2015 international sustainable development framework.

In a letter appointing Ambassador Beck to his new portfolio, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. of Palau explained his rationale and hopes for further progress.

“I, along with the rest of the Republic [of Palau], greatly appreciate your years of service,” the President stated, “and we do not believe that you should cease your effort at the international level to champion the causes of the Republic.”

“I am hopeful that you can utilize the unique contacts and skills . . . for protection of the marine environments of the world.”

Ambassador Beck responded that he is “grateful to President Remengesau for providing the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Palau and the cause of oceans worldwide.”

“We have a historic opportunity to engage with these issues,” he said, “but our first priority has to be getting oceans into the SDGs.”

Ambassador Beck, the TerraMar Project, the Global Partnerships Forum, and Paolo Zampoli, Special Representative for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Business of Grenada, have partnered to establish the Sustainable Oceans Alliance aimed at securing healthy oceans in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – and beyond.


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