Representing Your Species

When you friend your species you are becoming an Ambassador to TerraMar

As an Ambassador to terramar you must pledge to the following:

I will not eat or mistreat my species

I will not fish, catch or acquire my species as a pet

I will advocate for the protection of my species and its environment

Friending Options

Enter your name as you would like it to appear as the Ambassador for your species

If you are purchasing this as a gift put your friend or family members name here instead of your own.

Share your rank & species on Facebook

Tell your friends and family that you are representing your species as an ambassador to The TerraMar Project.

Facebook Example
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Help protect your species now!

The cost to friend a species is $10

Your generous donation will help protect your species and support The TerraMar Project platform through a variety of innovative ocean projects, education initiatives, scientific research and expeditions for the largest and least understood place on earth.